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Movers Liability And Coverage

Whether you move with us or another NYC moving company, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities when hiring insured movers. One of the vital things to understand is movers liability and coverage for household goods. 

Household Goods Coverage Options:

Under federal law, moving companies cannot sell moving insurance NYC. However, they are required to provide Basic Valuation coverage. Some NYC movers with insurance also provide Additional Valuation with different levels of protection and liability for household goods. Additional Valuation is available up to $10,000 by law. 

What is Basic Valuation?

It’s primarily basic protection for household goods in the event of damaged or loss.  At The ProMovers, Basic Valuation is registered at 30 cents per pound per article. If a 20-pound item were to sustain damage during the move, your claims process will only pay out $6 total (@20 pounds x 0.30 cents)—regardless of the item’s value. People may assume that if a $300 table sustained damage, the movers liability and coverage would be to pay in full. This assumption often lead to disappointment when they become aware of the principles and the biding laws. 

What is Additional Valuation?

Additional Valuation provides greater protection coverage for household goods that can easily be repaired or replaced. If any article is damaged or lost while in your mover’s custody, you can file for a claim.

When filing a claim, any reputable moving company may take the following steps:

1) Repair.  First to have the item repaired and return it to sound condition as before the damage.

2) Replace. If irreparable, the mover will attempt to replace the item with another identical, similar or of like-kind,

3) Fair-market value offer. If not possible to replace the item, you will likely be given the fair-market price for what the item is worth. However, after depreciation and deductible is taken into account.

For example, lets say a TV (that has been owned for 5yrs) was damaged. The TV was unable to be repaired. In this case, NYC movers with insurance will provide a fair-market value offer, less depreciation and deductible. They will not replace it with a brand new or latest model TV. The valuation level you choose will determine the type and amount of reimbursement you will receive in the unlikely event an item is compromised.

Keep in mind that moving in general is risky. Even the most careful moving companies can encounter unexpected circumstances and accidents can happen. When you book with us, let us know the level of protection you want to include for your move. 

What About Things That Cannot Be Easily Replaced Or Repaired?

Do you have high value items, antiques, fine art, sculptures, specialized equipments, irreplaceable goods and custom-built furniture? You may want to consider Moving Insurance NYC to properly protect your belongings. If you have Homeowners, Renters or Business Insurance, you can check with your insurance provider to see if they can insure your move. Otherwise, you can purchase Moving Insurance from a third party like or another third party provider like E-moving Insurance. 

There are certain items Moving Companies are not liable for under any circumstance

These include:

High Value Items and items which are considered to be of “extraordinary value,” including jewelry, paper currency, and valuable personal documents such as birth certificates and passports—which must be transported by the customer themselves.

Furniture made of press-boardparticle-board, or engineered wood (like Ikea style furniture) because there is an inherent risk of damage when disassembling and reassembling, or when moving without disassembling.

Damage to things in boxes the customer packed themselves—unless there is clear evidence of mishandling from the mover, i.e. visible damage/dent to the outside of the box.

Connection parts, screws, nuts, etc., from furniture that your mover did not disassemble.

Tips For Protecting Your Move:

1) Unless you are hiring your insured movers to pack, or other professional packing services, pack and label your things carefully.

2) Use the right boxes and packing supplies to thoroughly protect your things – especially for items that are fragile.

3) Inform your insured movers NYC of  any items of extraordinary value.

4) Get third-party Insurance if you’ve got a move full of high-value, irreplaceable items, custom built furniture, antiques, fine art or specialized equipments and devices.

5) If you have Homeowners, Renters or Business Insurance, you can check to see if they can ensure your move. In general, it’s a good idea to consult your insurance provider to understand their policy and your options and make sure the coverage is sufficient for your move.  

Bonus: If you purchased Additional Valuation or had Moving Insurance NYC, report any loss or damages within 30 days of your move. Some policies will have varying timeless from 30 days to 90 days from the date of delivery to file for a written claim. Check with your mover or insurance provider on their regulations, or search for it in their terms and conditions.