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When it comes to moving large items, such as furniture, appliances, or specialized equipment, the process often involves assembly and disassembly services. Proper assembly and disassembly of items are important to ensure the safety of the items during shifting and it also facilitate you during transportation and reinstallation.

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Your Top Choice for Assembling & Disassembling in NYC: The ProMovers

As a leading provider of assembly and disassembly services in NYC, we understand the importance of precision, care, and expertise in handling your valuable belongings.
Types of Items Requiring Assembly and Disassembly:
1. Furniture: Whether it’s a bulky sectional sofa, a grand wardrobe, or a delicate antique, furniture pieces often need to be disassembled for easier transport and then reassembled at the destination.
2. Office Furniture and Equipment: Desks, cubicles, shelving units, and other office furniture often need to be disassembled and reassembled during office relocations or renovations. 
3. Gym Equipment: Treadmills, elliptical machines, weight benches, and other gym equipment can be large and heavy. Disassembly and assembly services make it easier to relocate these items 

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Benefits of Assembling & Disassembling Services

Our professional assembly and disassembly services save your valuable time and effort and also allow you to focus on other important aspects of your move or project.

With skilled technicians who are trained in latest techniques and equipped with precision tools, we ensure that your items are handled with care and expertise and also  minimize the risk of damage during the assembly and disassembly process.

Entrusting your assembly and disassembly needs to us provides peace of mind. Our strict safety protocols and commitment to quality ensure that your belongings are in capable hands and give you confidence throughout the entire process.


How ProMovers Team Works?

The process of our moving company typically involves several key steps from initial inquiry to the final delivery of belongings to the new location. Here’s a general view of how the process works:

Consultation and Quoting

Our experienced team gathers information about the move, such as the size of the move, the distance, and any special requirements. Based on this information, We provides the client with a quote for the cost of the move.


Packing & Transport Day

On the scheduled moving day, the team arrives at the client's location to pack and prepare belongings. Professional movers carefully pack and load items onto the moving truck using appropriate materials and techniques.


Delivery and Follow-Up:

Upon arrival at the new location, movers unload belongings and place them in designated areas. The ProMovers team may assist with unpacking and assembling as needed. After the move, the moving company may follow up with the client for satisfaction.


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